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When you need a personal website to show your amazing works, want to get feedback about your projects, need more than a CV to impress people, want to tell more about what you do and have done so far, Project Showcase has you covered.

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We know best the developers' needs. Just answer a few fundamental questions about yourself and your portfolio website will be published in minutes. Then, you can share your personal link and start welcoming passengers to your portfolio.

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It's important to show your previous works. With ProjectShowcase, you can add your awesome projects manually or fetch from PlayStore or AppStore without getting your hands dirty.

You will be able to customize the content of your projects as you wish using our simplistic panel.

Your projects will be visible from all around the world and your visitors will be able to leave feedbacks, so you can keep improving your portfolio.

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Personal domains attract more visitors and look more professional.

You can connect your ProjectShowcase page to your personal domain and continue benefit from all the perks.

What Our Users Say About Us?
Building a personal portfolio website was always a thing for me to postpone but when I found Project Showcase, it happened like a snap. Now I have my own advanced portfolio to uncover new opportunities like a boss.

Ben Potter
Web Developer & Owner of @coding