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Hello, I'm an Android Developer (since 2016).

I tend to keep myself up to date with important changes in the Android world and regularly look into new ways of solving things. Always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Good skills:

  • Android development:
  • Clean Architecture;
  • Data storage: Room, Realm, SQLite, SharedPreferences, Internal/External memory;
  • Sensors, Location, and Maps, Geofences, beacons;
  • Understanding and using guidelines; Material Design; common UI/UX patterns; using support libraries;
  • Creating applications for multiple screen resolutions/sizes;
  • Firebase (database, authentication, analytics, notifications, remote config);
  • Integrations with social networks (facebook, google, twitter);
  • Dealing with REST API;

Basic skills: • PHP – simple back-ends, mostly for pet projects. • HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Version control: SVN, git.


KotlinSocket.ioREST APIJavaModel-view-viewmodel (MVVM)RxAndroid