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I began my programming journey from using a drag-and-drop game editor in the 7th grade to iPhone apps when I got my first iPod Touch. After teaching myself the fundamentals of iOS development using Cocoa Touch and showing my friends my “outstanding” app, I knew this is what was exciting.

I started my iOS career when I developed my first iOS application and shipped it to the Apple AppStore for a client. From complete scratch, we made a rewarding app for children to use. Things slew down between me and my iOS days when I joined the Santa Rosa Junior College’s CS Club and became President of the club.

I enjoyed gathering new members to join projects the club was creating and I loved teaching iOS development using Swift 3.

And now I’m here at Make School exercising my growth in full stack iOS like UIKit and backend technologies like AlamoFire.


Make School
Santa Rosa Junior College




iOSSwiftObjective-CMobile Development