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Main goal: Inspire talent, lead through influence, stand up for what’s right. Specializing in React architecture at scale. Coding for the greater good. A desire to improve the life’s of engineers by challenging the accepted norms. Avid believer in app(state) ideology.

Author of open source projects used by Facebook, Microsoft, React, CRA, AutoDesk, Intuit, React Static, Fitbit, Yandex, Discover, TopCoder, MaidSafe, REI, Starbucks, Semantic, Semantic UI, Atlassian, freeCodeCamp, Bloomberg, NerdWallet, babel-preset-react-app, babel-preset-react, Netlify, Airbnb, Walmart, FormidableLabs, Elastic, Shutterstock, Fiverr

My specialties include: React.js ES7 / ES6 Large-Scale Webpack Build Architecture Universal Javascript Serverside Rendering Configuration Code agnostic SSR with Express Webpack (contributes and writer of plugins) LOSA Frontend Architecture Frontend as a microservice Async SSR Frontend Architecture Monolithic to microservice Universal SSR & code splitting Writing Babel plugins HTML5 / CSS3
Responsive Bandwidth Optimization Node.js & Express.js

Strongest in: Frontend Infrastructure, JS at scale, 10 million+ daily traffic on 4 instances

Additional Info:

  • official maintainer of Webpack
  • Architected multiple Node-based micro-frontend platforms.
  • Leading expert in code-splitting, code-split server-side architecture, and universal React.
  • Core maintainer of React Universal, Redux-first-router (Rudy), Respond Framework, React Static
  • Designed remote store & fragment caching solution (Rapscallion) within React apps, built for containerized micro-frontends - improving performance 1000%. As of late 2018 - now a core maintainer 😱
  • Contribute Heavily to Fiverr's v4 platform and react architecture
  • Built Web applications smaller than the homepage of Google using custom optimization techniques.
  • Currently re-writing React-Redux to support async Redux modules.
  • Comfortable in codebases of 100+ million lines of code.



Starbucks Corporate, Fiverr, Webpack, ScriptedAlchemy


ReactReduxWebpackNode.jsFrontend ArchitectureMicroservicesCode-splittingServer-side renderingMicro-frontends