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My name is Pavel and I'm a big fan of augmented reality! I have recently moved with my family to Israel and I am looking for a position of junior unity developer to (preferably) work on XR projects.

I have been working in the augmented reality field since 2012. I started as an intern in the leading Russian mobile development company REDMADROBOT and then worked as a Project Manager at PlayDisplay - one of the leading Russian augmented reality developers and Polonium Arts - the creators of Payler, where we have been working mainly on exhibition projects with augmented reality. After that I tried myself as an entrepreneur developing a volumetric video capture system using an array of Microsoft Kinects and one of the leading XR news site in Russian Holographica.

My dream is to build an augmented reality theater. So a year ago I decided to change my approach in achieving this and started studying unity and C# development. I have developed two commercial projects and now I am looking to join a team, with whom we share our passion and view of the technology, as a unity developer.

Currently I am working on a prototype of a casual AR game and I have several ideas that were born in the years that I have been working with augmented reality and I would love to share them!


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