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Bachelor of Computer Science, NSTU



My Experiences

Nov 2017-Aug 2018
Senior Software Developer @ Allmax Team
  • designing, developing and testing smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain
  • designing, developing and testing servers in Go, which interacted together with smart contracts (together known as Native DApps)
  • develop features and fix bugs in client's Bitcoin fork project
  • review other developer's code
  • stack and tools: Go(gopg, httprouter, sendgrid-go, btcd), Solidity(solc, Truffle, Ganache), C++ (C++98, Boost, libevhttp, Qt5, Autotools), Travis CI, PostgreSQL
Aug 2018-now
Software developer & Lead LuxGate Developer @ Luxcore
  • develop, debug and test features in Lux wallet, consensus and protocol
  • cross-review other developer's code
  • design, develop, debug and test LuxGate product
  • write documentation (Github Wiki) for LuxGate
  • manage a small team of 2 developing LuxGate
  • stack and tools: C++ (C++11, Boost, libevhttp, Qt5, Autotools, ZMQ, JSONSpirit), Travis CI, Python(, PlantUML, Docker